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Austin Tax Prep specializes in tax preparation and tax planning in the Austin, Texas area. Allow Austin Tax Prep to help you maximize your return and keep as much money as possible in your pocket.


Austin Tax Prep specializes in tax preparation and tax planning in Austin, Texas.

Tax Preparation in AustinIf you live in or near Austin, here's why you need Austin Tax Preparation Services:

♦ Simplify your tax planning and tax filing process
♦ Minimize your tax liability
♦ Maximize your tax return
♦ Keep your money in your pocket
♦ Protect and preserve your hard-earned assets
♦ Understand and use sound tax planning strategies
♦ Control your cash flow
♦ Ensure tax compliance and avoid fines and penalties
♦ Get your questions answered knowledgeably

Did you know? Taxes comprise the single largest category of household expenditures. According to a Tax Foundation Special Report , income tax paid by individuals, as a percentage of income, continues to set new highs and is a major expense of enormous concern to Americans. Taxpayers who use a tax professional receive bigger refunds -- $444 bigger refunds, on average, according to a 2002 study by the General Accounting Office (GAO).

Your Income Taxes Made Easy

Are your deductions labeled correctly? Are you sure you won't accidentally trip an audit flag? Got a question about IRS code or tax law? Greg Schroen, Austin Tax Preparation Services, has answers to all your tax questions. For a confidential tax consultation, call (512) 255-0395.

The IRS Federal Tax Code has become increasingly complex. Despite the proliferation of do-it-yourself tax software programs, more and more savvy tax filers are turning to trained, knowledgeable, experienced tax preparation pros to prepare and file their income taxes and to implement effective tax planning strategies.

Greg Schroen has been helping people in the Austin, Texas area with tax planning, tax preparation and tax strategies for over 16 years. Contact Austin Tax Preparation Services for tax preparation, tax planning and all tax matters.