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I have over 24 years of experience as a tax professional, and even with the benefit of that experience, I have found no general quotation over-the-phone can be at all professional or accurate without examining all the current year and prior year records and how they are organized. Typically rates vary from $250 to $2,500 depending upon complexity. We'll be in better shape to get a picture of what may be involved, upon seeing your prior year's tax return, your tax documents and supporting records/bookkeeping system such as, a shoe box of receipts, organized receipts with calculator tape of totals by category, Excel spreadsheet compilations, Quicken, QuickBooks, etc.

In order to be of service, please realize that it may very well be necessary to have available:

1. A copy of the last two year's tax returns and tax documents that you did actually file, along with the supporting records/bookkeeping system for those years as well.

2. A copy of any IRS correspondence you may have received regarding a problem with a tax return you already filed, an IRS audit notice, or an IRS collection matter.

3. Your current year (2016) tax documents, along with the supporting records/bookkeeping system.

4. A completed and signed “Client Organizer Questionnaire” for the current tax year.

5. A copy of a photo ID for each of you (like a Driver’s License).

6. A copy of a voided check so the IRS may direct deposit refunds due you, or perhaps to electronically debit an amount owed, or possibly to establish an automatic direct debit payment plan with the IRS.

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